• Residential Locksmith

  • Residential Locksmith

    In this day and age you need a professional residential locksmith to provide you with the technical advice of securing yourself, your family and your possessions.

    As most burglaries happen during the day and are generally opportunistic burglaries, as you have mistakenly left a door or window open at home.

    The more locks you have on your windows the harder it is for you to be burgled.

    Once a burglar is in your home the more difficult you make it for them to leave.

    Will prevent them from taking larger items i.e. Televisions and Stereo's.

    Have you ever locked yourself out of your home?

    And then thought of away to get into your home.

    Then more than likely any opportunistic burglar will probably use the same method.

    That is why you need to have a professional residential locksmith.

    To provide you with their knowledge to secure home.

    Alert locksmiths specialize in providing Security and Protection for your home.

    We are available 24/7 for all your residential locksmith requirements.

    Is your home secure?

    • Free Security checks

    • It is important to be confident your property is safe and possessions secure

    • Minimise the risk of intruders entering your home and violating your freedom

    • Door Locks / Patio bolts – for improved security

    • Lock Repair – If you have had an attempted break-in locks may have been damaged.

    We can repair or replace to restore your security.

    Fit Window locks to prevent easy entry – windows are the main point of entry for a burglar

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