• There are now 60,000 reported burglaries in New Zealand per year, although estimates indicate the figure to be higher,with many not being reported.
    • There is now a burglary approximately every 9 minutes.
    • Insurance claims for burglary are now more than $180 million and about 20% of victims are uninsured.
    • Burglary victims have an increased risk of being burgled again within the next 6 months.
    • Most burglaries (approximately 75%) are committed during daylight.
    • Windows are the main point of entry for a burglar (approximately 66% ) compared to 33% with doors.
    • The majority of burglaries (approximately 85%) are committed by an amateur burglar who looks for an easy opportunity.
    • The majority of burglaries occur as a result of an opportunity in the form of open windows, unlocked doors or through lack of quality hardware.