• Automotive Locksmith

  • Alert Locksmiths provide an array of Automotive Locksmith Services.

    We can come to you work or home and sort out all your car key problems.

    Or you can save time and money by bringing your vehicle to our premises.

    Our Automotive Locksmiths have the experience and dedication to solve the most complicated requests

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    • Spare keys cut
    • Duplicate keys
    • Another key
    • No keys
    • Lost keys
    • Tibbie keys 4 track keys
    • Wave keys
    • Laser cut keys
    • Internal cut keys
    • Boat keys
    • Marine keys
    • Trailer keys
    • Roof rack keys
    • Ute canopy keys
    • Campervan keys
    • Cabinet keys
  • Below are just some of the automotive locksmith situations that we come across.

    If you have spotted your automotive locksmith problem here.

    Then you can be rest assured that we have a technician that can solve your problem.

    • Key won’t turn
    • Key broken in lock
    • Key comes out when the ignition is switched on
    • Key has to be jiggled to get the lock to turn
    • Replace/repair of faulty worn locks
    • Replacement of locks after burglary
    • Key stuck in lock
    • Central locking doesn’t work
    • Key stuck in ignition 
    • Service and repair locks
    • Cut keys to code (factory key cut)
    • Removal of door and ignition locks
  • Sometimes when your car key is stuck in the ignition it could simply be that your vehicle is still in gear.

    Or you have locked the steering column.

    Try turning the steering column to the left to see if that works.

    If not then one of our automotive locksmiths will be able to fix your problem.

    • My key is broken in the door
    • Key opens door but won’t turn in ignition
    • Key won’t turn in lock
    • Key loose where you fold over